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Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT)Hi-Tech Equipment

Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT)

This 3D imaging unit has proven to be an essential tool for successful diagnosis, treatment planning, and post-operative monitoring for endodontic applications. CBCT technology offers tremendous improvements in diagnostic capabilities, eliminating surprises and minimizing the need for exploratory surgery.  The result: more effective care and improved patient outcomes. 

Dental Microscope

Dental Microscope

With the use of our high powered dental microscope we are able to see dental anomalies such as cracks and fractures which may not otherwise be seen. It also allows us to perform microdental procedures thus saving precious tooth structure. This allows us to follow our commitment towards conservative dentistry.

Digital X-RaysDigital X-Rays

Our office uses the latest in digital x-ray technology. Digital x-rays offer detailed images of your teeth and surrounding structure while delivering 90% less radiation than traditional film x-rays. Digital x-rays play an invaluable role in the diagnosis and treatment of endodontic problems.  

Paperless OfficePaperless Office  

Our office utilizes a computer system to organize your appointment information, health and dental records, etc. instead of paper forms.