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Welcome to Our Fort Lauderdale Dental Practice, Broward Endodontists

Welcome to Broward Endodontics, your home for comfortable and caring endodontic treatment in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Our specialists, Dr. Danielle Jaffe and Dr. Sonia Pena, are here to help relieve pain associated with tooth infections. With skilled and pain-free root canal therapy at our office, you can enjoy a healthy and renewed smile.

Our Commitment to Top-Quality EndodonticsOur Fort Lauderdale office

Drs. Jaffe and Pena understand how uncomfortable an infected or damaged tooth can be, which is why we take care to offer highly personalized and comfortable root canal therapy in Fort Lauderdale. At Broward Endodontics, we pride ourselves on offering expert pain management and providing patients with genuine smiles. Our endodontic treatments include:

• Root Canals
• Root Canal Re-Treatment
• Emergency Dentistry
• Endodontic Micro Surgery

Drs. Jaffe and Pena take pride in their work and ensure that even the most timid patients leave their office feeling confident in their oral health. Our team reassures all patients that their root canal treatments will indeed be painless.

Our Patients are our Priority 

Our treatment plans take our patients’ input and health needs into consideration at every step. Instead of simply recommending that a patient receive a root canal, Dr. Jaffe always takes time to explain why root canal therapy is necessary so patients have the information they need to better understand their dental health.

Our Fort Lauderdale endodontic office is one of the few in the area to utilize 3D cone beam imaging to ensure that your procedure is precise and promotes greater treatment success rates. We take care to perform skilled and comprehensive endodontic therapy with the latest technology to better support our patients’ well-being.

Contact our Endodontists Today

If a tooth infection is causing you pain or discomfort, or if you've been referred to our office and would like to know more about our treatments, we encourage you to contact our Fort Lauderdale endodontists today for assistance.


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