Root Canal Retreatment

Root Canal Re-treatment in Fort Lauderdale by Broward Endodontics

While skilled root canal treatment can save teeth and preserve their position in your smile, less-than-thorough root canal therapy can lead to re-infection and require additional treatment. At Broward Endodontics, we provide care for failed root canals with root canal re-treatment in Fort Lauderdale, FL.


Why do Root Canals Fail?

With comprehensive root canal treatment, the inner systems of teeth are cleaned so damaged tissue and bacteria inside tooth roots can be removed and allow your existing tooth structure to remain healthy. Teeth treated with root canals are then sealed and capped with a dental crown to ensure that further bacteria cannot re-enter tooth systems.

However, when canals of teeth are not properly cleaned, or teeth are not efficiently sealed and capped, bacteria can regain entry and cause discomfort and continued infection that eventually leads to tooth extraction. The only way to preserve teeth in the case of second infection is root canal re-treatment with endodontic surgery.

Endodontic Surgery at Broward Endodontics

Like traditional root canal treatment, endodontic surgery in the case of a re-infection can help to save your teeth. Our advanced endodontic surgical procedures can allow you to keep your teeth healthy and prevent the need for prosthetic tooth replacement.

If you have had a failed root canal and need more comprehensive care, we offer the two most effective re-treatments or endodontic surgeries:

Traditional Root Canal Re-Treatment - If performed poorly in the first place, the restoration around the tooth can deteriorate over time and lead to re-contamination of root canal systems. During re-treatment, Dr. Jaffe accesses root canal systems, removes bacteria, and properly re-seals teeth with a long-lasting dental crown.  Dr. Jaffe works hard to ensure that your treated teeth are at a reduced risk for re-infection and extraction.

Endodontic Microsurgery – Also called root surgery or an apicoectmy, this treatment is a process through which the source of infection is removed from the tooth root. Endodontic microsurgery is often needed when the infection has progressed and developed into bone beyond the roots of teeth. With precise endodontic surgery, Dr. Jaffe is able to remove the infection as well as the tip of the tooth root.

During surgical endodontic procedures, Dr. Jaffe utilizes a surgical microscope, in additional to other high-tech treatment aids, such as 3D imaging, to provide more accurate treatment and diagnosis. With a surgical microscope, Dr. Jaffe can pinpoint small canals on teeth and more easily treat and access areas that the naked eye may miss.

Failed Root Canal? Call our Fort Lauderdale Endodontist for Re-Treatment

Teeth that have been re-infected after initial root canal therapy can still be saved with endodontic root surgery and root canal re-treatment at our Fort Lauderdale endodontic office. Call Broward Endodontics today for your consultation.


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